Safe Spots for CraigsList Meetings

Your safety should never be an issue. 

Introducing, a website built for the sole purpose of providing a comprehensive list of protected locations that allow CraigsList transactions.  SafeSpots can include Police Stations, Sheriff’s Offices, & private businesses.  Location information is gathered via news outlets or direct contact- can not guarantee your safety and we ask that you contact the location before any transaction.

We are currently trying to collect data for all locations across the United States and your help is paramount.  Please contact us with a verified list of locations.

We’d also like you to please recognize those families and lives that were affected by unsafe Craigslist transactions.

Thank You, your help is greatly appreciated.

– CLsafespot

Recent Cities Added:

Atlanta, GA

Des Moines, IA

St. Louis, MO

Columbia, MO

Sioux Falls, SD


Please help us add more cities.

your help is greatly appreciated

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